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4th Year Engineering Project

This project involved working in a group of four under a supervisor to make a prototype of a device to be used by visually impaired individuals to identify obstacles in their surroundings. The prototype included strategically placing ultrasonic sensors on a headband in all four directions to detect obstacles at head level and a fifth…

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Heart Rate Monitor Design Project

This project required me to design and implement a circuit that would display the Electrocardiogram (ECG) and the heart-rate of an individual’s heart on a screen using some electronic chips such as an operational and instrumentation amplifier, isolation chip and some simple electronic components such as resistors, capacitors and batteries. To attain the Raw ECG…

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Tug of War (TOW) Competition on FPGA board

Field Programable Gate Array (FPGA) Competition involved developing the Tug of War (TOW) game on an electronic level using LED’s and switches. In order to do this, we were required to program in Hardware Description Language (HDL) in a software called Verilog and upload it onto a FPGA board. For the purposes of this project,…

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Active Band-Pass Filter Project

This course and the project is considered to the most important course for an electrical engineer as it teaches the basics of electronics. This project involved designing and implementing an Active Band-pass filter using some basic electronic components such as operational amplifier, resistors and capacitors. A filter in electronics is anything that allows only certain…

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