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Experience Design Ignite Presentation Project

A master’s level project part of a course called Foundations of Digital Media involved each student to design a 5 minute ignite style presentation (30 seconds/slide) based on a topic that evolves around displaying Experience Design in the following categories: Blue World – analytical, detail focused, systematic, deep thinkers Red World – leaders, risk takers, less patient, competitive Green World – relaxed, value…

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Masters in Digital Media (MDM) Spotlight Event, “The Future of Digital is here”

The event Industry night organized solely by Masters in Digital Media cohort, was a networking event showcasing Digital Media in today’s day and age along with students’ selected research ideas. In a class of 41, each person is placed into small teams depending on their past experiences and expertise. The teams created are Venue team,…

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Arduino Project #2 – Digital Tug of War game

These projects involved making use of a microcontroller such as an Arduino to control both electrical and mechanical objects. The Digital Tug of war game was implemented using NeoPixel LEDs and push buttons where two teams were assigned each with a push button that targets on lighting up the LEDs depending on the individual’s reflexes…

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Lean Startup “TruStoree”

A Graduate level class at Ryerson university required the students to form groups involving people of varying skill sets. The groups were required to follow a 100 day lean startup methodology where they will have to perform the market research and come to a problem solution fit to a current problem in the society. The…

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