4th Year Engineering Project


  • This project involved working in a group of four under a supervisor to make a prototype of a device to be used by visually impaired individuals to identify obstacles in their surroundings.
  • The prototype included strategically placing ultrasonic sensors on a headband in all four directions to detect obstacles at head level and a fifth sensor facing down at an angle to detect any missing ground or stairs. It also included placing vibrating motors corresponding to each sensor to alert the individual of any objects in his or her surrounding. Four motors corresponding to the four sensors to detect objects at head level were placed right beside the sensors, while the motor for the angled fifth sensor was placed on an armband. These vibrating motors would vibrate at four different frequencies depending on the distance of the object from the user; meaning the closer the object, the faster it will vibrate.
  • For the purposes of this project, five LEDs were also electronically connected in parallel with the motor that would mimic the motor to help anyone who is not wearing the device visualize the workability of the device. All these electronic components were controlled using a Raspberry Pi micro-controller, which was also placed on the armband along with other circuitry required to control components.
  • I took the responsibility of designing the hardware components and a minor part in the software.
  • Throughout the course of two semesters, we were required to do an oral presentation explaining our progress, a poster fair and a demonstration at the end and a final report summarizing our research, design, testing and results.
Raspberry Pi
Circuit Design


  • Project Lead


  • SYSC 4917 – 4th Year Engineering Project, Dr. Yuu Ono, Supervisor at Systems and Computer Department, Carleton University


  • April 18, 2015