Experience Design Ignite Presentation Project


A master’s level project part of a course called Foundations of Digital Media involved each student to design a 5 minute ignite style presentation (30 seconds/slide) based on a topic that evolves around displaying Experience Design in the following categories:

Blue World – analytical, detail focused, systematic, deep thinkers

Red World – leaders, risk takers, less patient, competitive

Green World – relaxed, value feelings, self actuators,

Purple World – mysterious, secretive, curious, malicious

An ignite style presentation requires and pushes an individual to talk under a time constraint about a topic they are passionate or highly educated about. Each student was to display what Experience Design would be like if the people in the world behaved according to the characteristics shown corresponding to each colour above.

A topic that interested me quite a bit was the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR and VR) in portray Experience Design. The following slides display visually how I believe would the world would be like if all the people only behaved like one colour.

Digital Media
Experience Design
 Interaction Design


  • Designer
  • Illustrator


  • DG8001
  • Foundations of Digital Media,
  • Richard Lachman,
  • Transmedia Department,
  • Ryerson University


  • December, 2016