“Gamify” Teachable Project – Cooking


“Gamify” Teachable is part of an Interaction Design Project which involves coming up with a task an everyday person does and converting it into a teachable using game design techniques.

In groups of two, me along with my colleague picked an everyday task of cooking and attempted to apply game design principles to turn it into a way to teach kids basics of cooking in the form of an application.

The User Interface (UI) of the app was briefly designed unto a certain level in the game using Adobe Illustrator as shown below.

The idea behind “Gamifying” cooking into an app was to

  • Encourage collaboration with other kids
  • Competition which leads kids to think outside the box or creatively
  • Having milestones while cooking or performing any task
User Interface (UI)
App Design
Interaction Design


  • Designer
  • Illustrator


  • Interaction Design,
  • Ramona Pringle,
  • Transmedia Department,
  • Ryerson University


  • December, 2015

Programs Used

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop