Research Project on Heat Recovery Unit


This course was designed to teach engineers proper communication with a non-engineering audience both verbally and in a written form. This is a significant subject for engineers as they need to be able to convey their information to the media without giving away too much technical information, when practicing the profession of engineering. In this project, I worked in a group of four where we were assigned a particular part of a building to research on.

My group researched on the Heat Recovery Unit (HRV) of the Minto Place located in downtown Ottawa. Each member of the group chose to research on a particular component of the HRV and present their research in the form of a presentation first and then a much more detailed research in the technical report.

I took the responsibility of researching on the motors that run the HRV. Following that I was required to explain two principles that are behind making the motor work. This project also taught me how to present a my research that is completely technical to a non-technical audience along with the writing skills that convey just the right amount of technical information for any type of readers.

Technical Writing


  • Researcher
  • Writer


  • CCDP 2100
  • Communication Skills for Engineering Student,
  • Linguistics Department,
  • Carleton University


  • April, 2013