Lean Startup “TruStoree”


A Graduate level class at Ryerson university required the students to form groups involving people of varying skill sets. The groups were required to follow a 100 day lean startup methodology where they will have to perform the market research and come to a problem solution fit to a current problem in the society. The problem needs to be solved digitally.
One of the problem we as a group were able to find was the problems local business owners face when competing with bigger corporation businesses. In order to find a digital solution to this problem, 106 qualitative interviews were performed and a possible way to solve the problem was proposed. One possible solution which was implemented in this project was to create a web platform for both local business owners and local consumers to post and view the local business owners’ struggle stories. The end goal of this project was not necessarily to create a successful business or to create revenue, rather it was to learn the struggles of entrepreneurship.

Digital Media
User Experience (UX) Design
Web Design


  • Technical Advisor


  • Startup Business


  • 2015