Masters in Digital Media (MDM) Spotlight Event, “The Future of Digital is here”


The event Industry night organized solely by Masters in Digital Media cohort, was a networking event showcasing Digital Media in today’s day and age along with students’ selected research ideas. In a class of 41, each person is placed into small teams depending on their past experiences and expertise. The teams created are Venue team, Tech team, Demo team and a Creative management team.

I led a group of seven people, where we were responsible for brainstorming and implementing demonstrations relevant to digital media to be shown on the day of the event. We looked after the materials that are needed for the demos to be performed successfully while also making sure that the demo is safe and significant enough for the night.


  • Brainstorming on doable demos and projects as well as encouraging the cohort to either present their research in a demo form on the day or suggesting ideas for relevant demos.
  • Managing the team by conducting weekly meeting to keep track of individual demo progresses and providing feedback.
  • Responsible for making sure that the demos and projects have the required equipment to implement and present on the day.
  • General helping with both technical and management aspects to make the event successful
Digital Media
Experience Design
User Interface (UI)

A well praised Demo showcased at the event is shown below.

This Demo involved creating a bigger version of the famous DIY hologram that uses four glass or clear plastic sheets placed strategically at a certain angles to reflect an image in a certain way to give the viewer an illusion of a moving hologram in the center.



  • Demo Team Leader


  • Digital Media Department, Ryerson University


  • 2016