Tug of War (TOW) Competition on FPGA board


Field Programable Gate Array (FPGA) Competition involved developing the Tug of War (TOW) game on an electronic level using LED’s and switches. In order to do this, we were required to program in Hardware Description Language (HDL) in a software called Verilog and upload it onto a FPGA board.

For the purposes of this project, The TOW game required a total of 7 LED’s where the middle LED would represent the middle point of a TOW game and the rest of 3 LED’s on on sides represent both sides pulling. There are also two switches underneath the LED’s which will be required to be pressed simultaneously as fast as one can by the two players.

The rules of winning, loosing and a tie were all programmed into the board. The code also required a test bench code to be used for testing the original program for generic cases before loading it onto a FPGA board. Throughout the course of one semester, each separate component from the block diagram shown above was designed and implemented each week and the overall combined TOW code was tested by the end of the semester.

Hardware Description Language (HDL)
Circuit Design


  • Designer


  • ELEC 3500
  • Digital Electronics,
  • Ralph Mason,
  • Professor at Electronics Department, Carleton University


  • April, 2014


  • Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA Board