Instrumentation Technician Apprentice

Conversion North and South, Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Description of Duties

– Assisting and maintaining, while learning from the Journeymen about various power and process operations taking place in the Oil Industry Plants and Mine
– Performing weekly Preliminary maintenance (PM) tasks such as balancing purge oil in Flow transmitter instruments across plants.
– Documenting the work progress and any discrepancies or safety issues as an ongoing process throughout the day using SAP
- Planning and distributing the work to be performed accordingly throughout the day based on the constant changing conditions of the plants
- Performing LPS (Loss Prevention System) conversations and observations as part of daily task.
– Adequately completing maintenance schedule(s), which includes troubleshooting various types of actuator and valve assemblies in the field and reassembling valves (Fisher, Valtech, FlowServe) in the shop.
– Performing turnaround maintenance involving valve stroking, connecting and disconnecting RFDs, temperature/thermocouple transmitters, level transmitters, pressure/flow transmitters and etc.
– Troubleshooting by tracing/linking the connections from an instrument in the field, to its junction box, to its module/barrier all the way to the Distributed Control System (DCS).
– Communicating effectively with various trades people, plant operators, panel operators, PCNA.
– Occasionally, performing Radiation leak tests and gas leak tests.

Location: Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

From: September, 2017

To: Current

Software Engineer (Remote work)

Viogo Media Corporation (Software based Start-up)

Description of Duties

– Conducting tests and debugging to enhance User experience (UX) as an ongoing process both at software and UI level

– Maintaining technical documentations such as Functional Specifications documents (FSDs) of software implementations and changes

– Adding new features to the User Interface (UI) based on any User testing conducted

– Designing and creating Databases architecture based on any new features added

– Setting up SSL certificates on the server side

– Platform testing including creating various user accounts and validating information

– Training new Interns about the front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), back-end (PHP, AJAX Protocol, MySQL) and the testing techniques of the software


Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

From: March, 2017

To: August, 2017

Educational Assistant (EA)

Fort McMurray Catholic School Board (FMCSD)

Description of Duties

– Helping with Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts (LA) classes (Grades 1-12)


Location: Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

From: January, 2016

To: Current


High school Maths and Sciences

Description of Duties

– Teaching Math and Science related concepts (Grades 9-12)
– Clearing doubts of students


Location: Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

From: January, 2016

To: Current


Clearwater Energy Services

Location: Syncrude Canada Ltd, Fort McMurray, AB

From: July, 2014

To: August, 2014

Ironworker Apprentice Labourer

Clearwater Energy Services

Description of Duties

– Office work including the use of SAP software, Excel and Word.
– Arrangement of equipment for Syncrude outages


Location: Syncrude Canada Ltd, Fort McMurray, AB

From: May, 2013

To: August, 2013

Warehouse worker

Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Description of Duties

– Warehousing
– Using equipment such as reach trucks and side reach to get or put materials on the shelves if required
– Using SAP software


Location: Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

From: May, 2012

To: August, 2012

Youth Supporter

Justin Slade Youth Foundation

Description of Duties

– Responsible for supporting children between the ages of 12 to 18
– Organizing various activities for Fort McMurray youth to participate in including pool, video games, arts and crafts and a variety of special event nights including karaoke and movie nights.


Location: Haxton Centre at Borealis Park Fort McMurray, AB

From: June, 2011

To: August, 2011


Outpost VR


Outpost VR is a Virtual reality startup that works around making 360 degrees videos of cities. They are currently working on some beautiful cities in Africa. As an intern, I am responsible for the technical aspects, where I have to make capturing of videos easy and portable for my colleagues.

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

From: January, 2016

To: August, 2016

Volunteer Helper

Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA)

Description of Duties

– Helping out with elections
– Encouraging students to vote
– Being friendly and cooperative with people

Location: Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

From: January, 2015

To: April, 2015

Volunteer Advisor

Mayors Advisory Council of Youth (MACOY)

Description of Duties

– Coming up with plans to improve community
– Discussing the plans with the mayor
– Making posters and videos to raise awareness of a program in the community
– Arranging events such as bands and concerts to raise awareness of a program

Location: Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

From: January, 2010

To: June, 2010

Junior Administrative Assistant

Quality and Risk Management, Northern Alberta Health Services (NLHC)

Description of Duties

– Arranging data on computer
– Making power point presentations
– Making posters and boards for presentations

Location:Northern Alberta Health Services, NLHC, Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

From: January, 2009

To: June, 2009